The Importance of Twitter for Small Businesses

Although communicating in 140 characters may not sound convincing but with about 200 million users sending out the same number of Microblogs (approximately) every day, Twitter is assuredly a powerful channel for communication and Business. Twitter is not just another social networking site and is not just for teenagers or celebrities expressing by tweeting about their daily activities. If you own a small business, then Twitter is the best platform that gives you multiple opportunities to connect and communicate with customers, and you can also keep an eye on your competitors.

How Twitter can help small businesses

Here are a few factors that emphasize why, for small businesses, Twitter is important and how they can benefit from it.

Connect to users

Twitter has millions of users, and numerous people are entering it every day, which makes it one of the greatest places to look for potential consumers. It’s an integral part of social media optimization. Small businesses catering to a niche market or people from a specific location can use Twitter to connect with them. That’s not it; business owners can also connect with their existent customers and communicate with them to understand further about how the business or brand is being perceived in the market and what the feedback of its customers is.

Create brand awareness

Big brands don’t need promotions to get followers. But the small businesses, which require more people to identify their product line or brand, should utilize Twitter to increase their brand awareness. People prefer to communicate with a person than with a logo unless it is popular. So, if you own a small business that is yet in its immature stages, it is better to create a personal profile first and then design a profile for your company. Once you earn the confidence of your followers, you could introduce them to your brand and create a profile to build awareness about it.

Promoting new products

The foremost reason that businesses should adopt Twitter is to connect with potential consumers and market their products. Once you have created a profile for your company, you can easily use the Twitter account to launch new products under your brand or product line. New products, particularly those that your customers find appealing, gain more repute through such social networking sites than they would through the traditional advertising channels.

Promote your company blog

Having a company blog as a part of your SEO strategies is the best way of promotion. You can easily promote it through Twitter. If you feel that your followers would appreciate the information provided in the blog, just tweet the link to share the blog. This promotion not only diverts traffic to your blog but also makes your message viral if your customers find the content useful.

Provide information

News spreads faster online than radio or TV. You can use your Twitter account to make relevant announcements and share any news or information that your customers ought to know. Twitter helps you to reach a mass audience. While a TV or radio advertisement can do the same job for you, Twitter is cheaper and affordable than these means and the message will get carried to millions of people in little time.

You should always make sure that you use Twitter in the right manner as it is the ideal marketing solution for small businesses. The best part is that Twitter is free, and you can use it to promote, advertise, and boost your businesses.


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