The 3 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an SEO Company

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It is extremely important to hire a SEO company you can trust, especially in this climate of Google penalties, where your complete website can be removed from search engine results because of a single Google penalty.

Hiring the wrong professional can have serious implications for your business, whether it’s an attorney or an accountant. That’s why these professionals are required to have a certain level of education and be regulated by state boards in order to practice.

Therefore, we have compiled a few tips that you should keep in mind when hiring an SEO agency.

Tip #1 – When it Comes to SEO, Don’t Call Us…We’ll Call You

Unsolicited emails and phone calls from SEO companies can raise eyebrows. In many cases, these emails will claim that your company’s web pages are not ranking in the Top 50 results for an important-sounding keyword, and that your business is at risk.

Nineteen times out of twenty, the keyword term they reference in the email gets less than one or two searches per month. Furthermore, even if they have referenced a popular search term, there is no evidence they can rank your page for it.

A reputable SEO company will not send unsolicited emails or cold calls to business owners.

Pro’s Take:

A marketing or SEO agency in Austin sending you periodic emails is not considered an unsolicited email if you have subscribed to their email list. Most likely, it’s just good marketing. Most likely, it’s just good marketing.

Tip #2 – Build a list of SEO options

SEO is a long-term commitment that takes weeks or months to show results. When searching for the right company for your business, you should take your time and follow a thoughtful process.

LinkedIn is a good place to start building a list. Alternatively, you can search for SEO professionals who are connected to your contacts or send out a message to your contacts for referrals.

Pro’s Take:

There’s no harm in reaching out to a LinkedIn contact who has no direct work experience with you before, or whose services may be out of your budget. Chances are they’ll be the right choice for you.

Tip #3 – Don’t immediately grab the shiny SEO penny

There are many SEO firms that claim to have a secret, brand new way of getting higher Google rankings that nobody else knows about. While Google’s algorithms do change frequently, the basic principles of SEO have not changed much over the years. Quality content with a lot of legitimate links from other strong sites usually ranks well.

The constant algorithm changes Google makes never seem to result in a magic bullet. They are primarily new ways that Google has figured out to better reward pages and sites for providing quality content that gets a lot of legitimate links.

Pro’s Take:

If someone claims to have a new way to rank pages that nobody else knows about, you should get your spider sense tingling.

Getting it Right Is Not That Hard

By keeping these tips in mind and taking a thoughtful approach to the selection process, you should be able to find a good firm that will deliver good results without incurring any penalties.

Geeks5G provides professional, reliable service to all of our clients, dedicating our talent and resources to helping businesses establish a strong online presence and revamp their online brand. We provide our customers with the same level of dedicated, passionate, and quality service, regardless of whether their businesses need SEO, web design, graphic design, or social media services.

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