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Geeks 5G has been encouraging our clients to build their online reviews for years. The reason we insist on getting reviews from your customers/clients is simple. Today, regardless of the services or products you offer, approximately 90% of shoppers will use their smartphones to read online reviews before booking a dentist appointment, deciding where to buy their favorite cosmetic products, or deciding which local locksmith to call.

In fact, more than 60% of shoppers believe that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Geeks 5G is one of the Best SEO Company in Lighthouse point providing digital marketing services for over 20 years.

The Main Benefits of Online Reviews

Reviews are an excellent source of FREE advertising because they provide online shoppers with social proof that purchasing your products or paying for your services is a wise decision, and having a large number of positive reviews can naturally build brand credibility and trustworthiness. Building reviews also help your SEO because search engines like Google and Bing consider reviews when displaying search results.

How to Get Online Reviews

So you may be wondering, “How do I get my customers to leave reviews?” Simply begin by politely informing your customers that you would greatly value their online reviews. Request reviews, especially if customers appear satisfied and compliment you on the service you’ve provided. If you own a business in Lighthouse point, then you must opt for Search Engine Optimization in Austin point to give a real boost to your business revenue.

Another method of encouraging customer reviews is to send them an online message or email with a clear call-to-action (CTA) reminding them to leave a review (your CTA should take them directly to where they can immediately post their review). You can also include a call to action button on your website or in any electronic communications you send to customers.

If you’re having trouble persuading customers to leave reviews, always offer them something in exchange, such as a coupon. If you must take this approach, you must set a budget and ensure that it is completed after you have provided them with your services. You can also persuade them to tell you about your favorite products or services. It is critical, however, that you make it clear that you are not attempting to buy their reviews.

Reputation Management Experts

Do you require additional assistance in developing an effective online review strategy? Geeks 5G has the knowledge and experience to assist you in developing effective reputation management strategies that will help you build a positive reputation and repair a negative one. We will not only set up the review acquisition process, but we will also manage it.

Our goal is to constantly increase your positive reviews in order to prevent negative reviews from destabilizing your online reputation. We can also assist you in combating malicious fake reviews that are intended to harm your online reputation. Fighting fake reviews is a difficult task, but we have proven time and again that it is possible!

We are committed to developing highly optimized, relevant, and results-oriented online campaigns that will provide you with a much higher Return on Investment for every dollar spent. We will assist you in DOMINATING ONLINE in your specific industry. Just give us a call at (305) 510-0170.

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