Learn More about Today’s Benefits of Social Media Optimization

 Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a valuable tool to benefit a business’ performance in internet search rankings. Whereas many business owners have thought to use SEO for small business, few remember the advantages of using strong SMO.  When it comes to SMO for small and medium businesses, optimization occurs for two platforms:  Social Networks and Search Engines like Google.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of this type of optimization is that your website and business are easier to find on the internet, leading to more visits, and ultimately more leads and sales.  However, a less obvious benefit exists as well:  an extra link driving additional traffic to your website, making it appear “healthier” in the eyes of search engine algorithms.  This is because search engines look for the ease of access to your website.  The algorithm also considers how “useful” the content is based on how many times it is accessed through various platforms.

Attacking Social Media Optimization requires several strategic steps:

Integrate Social Media on your Website

Be sure that links to social media are part of your web design.  Make it easy for visitors to review accounts on various platforms as well as for them to share your content.  If multiple people share your content, it generates more views from around the world.  This means your content is more relevant and useful in the eyes of a search engine, especially when driven from social media.

Practice Professionalism and Consistency

Across various social media platforms, ensure your business’ voice is cohesive across platforms.  Keep branding elements like post style, colors, logos, pictures, and content consistent. Although companies may vary what they post across platforms, all content should feel like it is coming from the same place.

Use SEO keywords and Social Media Advantageously

An SEO expert knows how to use keywords on social media profiles by structuring keywords and target phrases in a graceful, natural way.  Using keywords in titles and page names helps the website to rank better when search engines come across your content.  When writing posts, integrate keywords as well.  However, again, it is important that it comes across in a way that does not feel contrived.

Follow Social Media Best Practices

Social media profiles should follow the same guidelines businesses tend to follow from branding and customer-service perspectives.  Post and share relevant, engaging content that attracts users to open and share in an organic way.  Overly focusing on SEO and SMO can make the content feel fake, and users will pay less attention to it.  In some cases, bad SMO can turn clients off from the business altogether.

Using Social Media Optimization to grow a brand is both a science and an artform.  Although many think they can do it alone, it is best to consult a professional who understands that backend logic behind search engine and social media optimization.  Geeks 5G will work with your team to ensure the brand’s voice is clearly communicated while ensuring more people view your content and visit your website, leading to a higher rate of conversion.  Curious how your website is presently performing?  Try a free SEO Audit today!

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