Impact of Social Media Marketing on Ecommerce Businesses

Social media is a lot more than following your friends and getting the latest happenings around the globe. Social Media has not only revolutionized the concept of shopping and has not opened up new doors with marketers. As we progress, more and more people are indulging themselves in online shopping.

Being an E-commerce marketer or entrepreneur, you are always looking for new ways to drive traffic and sales to your store.

Let us discuss a few benefits of social media optimization on Ecommerce Businesses:

Brand Loyalty for Customers

Social media platforms create the best brand loyalty as you are available for the customers, to solve their queries their 24*7 and help in making their buying decisions. The best thing about social media is you can directly connect with your audience or customers.

Trust building

Social media helps to build trust and loyalty for the customers. The first thing, customers check the online presence of your business and how active you are on social platforms. Even reviews or testimonials shared on social platforms play a vital role in your online business.

Customer reviews are so powerful that a huge percentage of buyers not only read online reviews before deciding on a product but rate reviews as personal recommendations.

Engage your target audience in a casual way

Social media platforms also offer a much less formal way of communicating with potential customers than any other advertising channel, making it easy to engage in two-way conversations with users who are interested in learning more about your products.

Identifying Buying Trends

SMO helps you understand what’s important to your audience and identify trends your target audience is following.

A business will learn and understand about what customers are struggling with, which can help you create content addressing those pain points.

You can also identify the tone and language that your target audience uses.

Gather Data from Audience Research to Improve

Researching about your is very important and also similar to social listening. It searches the keywords your audience will be using, but it’s more focused on your specific product.  Social media can be used to gather this information. It also gives you a fair idea about the buying capacity of a buyer.

Direct Referral Traffic to Your Site or Blog

Social media marketing can help in sending potential customers directly to your site.

It’s unlikely that all of your traffic will come through search engines. The various channels of Social Media allow for more diverse inbound traffic streams.

Business Metrics from Social

With any part of your business marketing, it is very important that you will be able to analyze your efforts, and see if the results provided. Starting a campaign that you cannot measure or evaluate will result in a waste of any tangible effort.

Many benefits with low cost

Social media marketing has a lot of numerous benefits for your business with relatively less investment. We understand you having fewer budgets as it’s your start-up business and you have to locate funds for other marketing activities too. But, it’s always advisable to hire a qualified social media person, which will help you increase your promotional activities which would indirectly increase your sales.

The benefits of social media marketing are real and very promising. All it takes is a small commitment. We understand that you may not achieve your target on an early basis, as it takes efforts to know your audience and understand their behavior.


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