How to Generate Leads Through Paid Ads

Leads Through Paid Ads

Do you find it difficult to find enough qualified leads for your business? It’s not just you! We get this question a lot. The classic catch-22 exists here. You have a million things to do to run your business, and you would love to find enough customers to buy your products or services regularly.

  1. Finding the right keywords is the first step to effective paid ads search

Pay per click remains one of the easiest and fastest ways to generate leads for any business online, regardless of the industry.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns generally take the form of highly targeted campaigns that target the demographics of your target audience. To begin, you will conduct excellent keyword research to understand how people are actually searching for your product or service online – no guesswork involved here. Since how your potential clients are searching for your products and services can change over time, you should conduct periodic audits of search terms if you are running ads for some time.

While some companies choose to run these campaigns on their own, a professional firm with specialized industry knowledge and experience can help identify opportunities that even you might not have considered otherwise. By optimizing your ads over time, you get the best results for your advertising dollars, and you avoid wasting precious ad dollars.

  1. Use PPC to deliver relevant offers at the right time

PPC ads are typically text ads, as they are the easiest to create (especially if you are doing it on your own). You can then create multiple ads to compare which ads are bringing you the best results. When the ad served up in a search engine is relevant to what the buyer is searching for, PPC ads are most effective. With PPC advertising, you can reach the buyer just at the moment they are searching for their item, so you can deliver the buyer exactly what they want when they want it (i.e. it is 6 PM, and I am hungry, what are the latest pizza deals?)

Pizza parlors trying to increase foot traffic or increase online orders might use a PPC ads that includes a coupon or promotional code that is both relevant to their local area and also timed to appear during dinner time. Ad campaigns that are set up to reach buyers at the right point in their ‘buying cycle’ increase the likelihood of you selling them a product.

  1. Use display advertising to expand your brand’s reach

A display advertisement is an online advertisement placed on websites related to the product or service you are selling. The ads may be text ads, interactive ads, video ads, or image ads that are displayed to people who will be most interested in your product. Depending on the objectives of your campaign, you will utilize different ad formats. If you use an image-based ad, you can include a picture of the product you sell or your company’s logo. On the other hand, video ads are very effective when explaining a more complex product or service.

It is particularly useful when the search volume for a particular keyword is not so high, but you know where your target audience hangs out online. Keeping the brand at the forefront requires display ads for established brands. It is possible to get millions of impressions over a short period of time and funnel traffic to your website or landing pages where customers can learn more about your services or directly contact you.

In Conclusion

What other methods than running paid ads campaigns can you use to generate leads? Get in touch with a Geeks5G consultant today.

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