Four Tips for Hiring Social Media Professionals in 2022

Social Media Marketing

With social platforms becoming more sophisticated over the past decade, social media professionals – whether they’re managers, associates, or freelancers – have also changed, becoming more creative, strategic, and motivated to keep up with ever-changing trends.

What should businesses look for in potential social media hires before they start hiring for these positions next year?

Experts offer these tips and insights:

  1. Consider candidates with an impressive portfolio that is relevant and thought-provoking. Geeks5G knows that the social media sphere is very crowded. For a candidate to stand out, they should have a strong portfolio with examples of their work.
  2. You don’t have to worry if the applicant has a small following on their personal accounts. Is it necessary for a social media professional to have thousands of followers on their personal account to be considered successful?

Not always.

Geeks5G has many social media managers who work for the agency’s clients.

  1. Identify individuals who are passionate about writing copy. Geeks5G calls creative writers “writing chameleons.”

It is not uncommon for social media managers to write scripts in a different voice for influencers or partners.

  • Are they able to consistently create copy that is on-brand without being repetitive?
  • Is it possible for them to write in multiple voices without it sounding forced or forced?
  • Do they always experiment and optimize? Aside from copy, can they combine creativity and analysis in everything they do?
  1. Be sure to review their LinkedIn profile. Upon completing your list of what you’re seeking in a social media hire – from a portfolio to writing skills and passion for the work – take note of individuals who appear organized from the beginning.

Visit their LinkedIn profile next – and remember that their LinkedIn profile should mirror their portfolio pretty closely.

If you are looking for social media marketing services in Austin, TX, contact us at Geeks5G for professional social media marketing services.


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