Why small businesses should go digital?

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Today’s the customer believes in engagement. Traditionally, the best way to forge a relationship with the clients was to have a conversation with them, but nowadays, the conversations are frustrating, and people find it weird. As a small business owner, it is likely that you may wish to stay connected with a large number of the targeted audience and interact with them. The statistics have revealed that the businesses that acquire 50% of the customers through the digital ecosystem reportedly seem to record 32% higher revenue growth and 27% more profit margins.

Digital Marketing is rising at a meteoric rate; hence, the small business should adopt it wholeheartedly. In fact, 76% of people think that the concept of marketing has changed in the last two years.

Why should a business go digital?

In modern-days marketing, digital and social media marketing rules the roost. Digital marketing is an undisputed way to garner the audience and improve its brand engagement. And SEO services are the most important part of digital marketing which every business. Let’s have a look at why the small organizations use this card to its benefit.

  1. To become part of the customer lives

The main benefit of going digital is to attract more users towards your business. Through it, you can become a part of consumer life. Earlier, having a traditional brick and mortar store was a norm.

  1. It can transform your business ecosystem

Another benefit of going digital is to transform your business operations or make the users get connected with your business.

  1. To improve your business existence

Today, more than 89% of the customers search the products on the search engine before buying the product. The internet has become a sole medium of dependence before making a purchase. Hence, if the small business wants to improve its visibility rate or wish to make its presence felt, digital marketing is the best platform.

  1. To track the results of the business

It is easier to track the business if it is operating online. You can use several tools like business analytics to understand how many customers, viewers are getting attracted to your business and how the customers are responding to the existing line of products. Hire an SEO company like Geeks5G to give a real boost to your business.

  1. To understand your market

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in understanding the target, and the business can formulate strategy accordingly. You can take the help of surveys and focused discussions on understanding the target audience. Through it, you will get a deep understanding of your visitor- for example, what they prefer, where they are from, etc. You can track the bounce rate, which shows at what stage the visitors have left your website.

  1. It is cost-saving

Another reason why small businesses should prefer digital marketing methods is that it is affordable. Creating a website is not a tedious task now, and it doesn’t involve a huge workforce. There are various tools available in the market that can help you to create a website and let the user know about you.

In the end, we would like to conclude that if the digital marketing strategy is highly fruitful to readers as well as a business if it is incorporated in the right manner.


Why is it essential to have a Mobile-Friendly Website?

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When Mobilegeddon occurred, several companies began to make their websites mobile-friendly. You may be thinking if a mobile-friendly website is really important for your business. Absolutely yes! It is very important for your website to be mobile-friendly as most of the people engage with their mobile browsing websites. It becomes quite easy to check websites in mobiles whenever they wish, as they cannot use laptops everywhere. Mobiles can even be used on roads but not laptops or any other big devices. Hence, makingcf websites mobile-friendly becomes mandatory.

Four Important Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Below are a few of the reasons why you have to create a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

If you wish to create or redesign your website, focus mainly on responsive design. This will help you display the size of your device screen being used, along with mobile-friendly navigation, good appearance of content, etc. Since businesses know that large traffic derives from mobile devices, it becomes important to give a better user experience by creating a mobile-friendly website. When you maintain an optimized version of both your desktop as well as your mobile websites, you will have to use your web analytics to check how many people visited your website and their activities. Get in touch with us to get a mobile responsive website along with SEO services.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Well-Executed, responsive website design will ensure that the mobile experience is attractively adapted to navigation and images. Apart from designing a website, you will have to focus on the content side. Due to thmmmmbbmmbe limited space on mobile, you should check if the text or content published neatly gets fixed on your website and is pleasantly displayed on any mobile device. This means you should ensure to make your content easily readable and change from complex navigation to simple by using easy-to-read buttons or call outs.

Better Browsing Experience for your Visitors

A mobile-friendly website is always productive for your company, as it can drag visitors and hold them on your website for more time. Hence, designers must focus mainly on website appearance over mobile. Sharing content in mobile devices will make content appear beautifully and naturally, easy to read, and thereby makes website load quickly, fitting on the small screen. Do not forget to use SEO services after you have a mobile-friendly website as they are an integral part of digital marketing.

Easy for Customers to Contact

When you impress your customers, there is no need to bother about sales. Sales happen automatically if you provide options to mention your email and phone numbers to make it easy for your website visitors to contact you whenever they are in need of your products and services.

The Conclusion:

Websites that are not mobile-friendly may soon fall short of providing an intuitive user-experience in this fast-paced digital era. With the growing time, mobile-friendly websites will continuously emerge, standing out among those which haven’t implemented the mobile-friendly strategy yet. So, it’s time to work on your website and provide your users with an alluring experience while browsing through it.


How to make E-Commerce Website Mobile-Friendly?

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When mobile has a great demand and has been used by several people across the world, you must think about designing an E-Commerce website focusing mainly on mobile and access to the internet. This will give a very rich shopping experience for these users by making websites mobile-friendly. These mobile-friendly eCommerce websites are the real identity for every business to expand its business on a large scale.

Getting along with the trends and optimizing mobile eCommerce strategies to grow better is all that business is about. Having a mobile-friendly eCommerce store provides lots of perks in business. Heading step-by-step, let’s see the signs that you should be considerate about if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website yet!

Make Website Responsive

If you design a website, whether it’s a normal or E-commerce, ensure the website is mobile-friendly, browser-friendly, and works in any operating system. It’s only a responsive webpage that can become a cause for sales. Your E-Commerce website will get instant visitors which will get converted into leads later. Hence, always make your E-Commerce Website mobile-friendly. With a well-developed website, SEO services are important to implement.

Deliver a World-Wide Shopping Experience

To get worldwide experience, you will have to simply acquire a shopping experience. This means that, if a customer receives an email discount code, you can buy items listed in the shopping cart through your mobile, laptop or any other device. Customers will get a complete checkout process over any device you use.

Think mobile-first.

On smartphones, double-check that your website design and navigation work well. Try keeping input forms to a minimum in the design of your website, for example. And, in particular, make sure that your customers’ checkout process is simple, easy to understand, easy to use, and quick to complete on a smartphone. SEO is an important part of digital marketing and is a must for every website.

Keep Content Short and Sweet

Check if it’s short on your content. Customers may probably stay away from your website if your content is too long. Although you advertise, you may not be able to generate interest in buying your products from your customers. Suppose your mobile screens are smaller than PCs, your descriptions of your product, and your homepage images may not look so appealing. Ensure to use short contents, which should include smaller sentences and paragraphs, instead of lengthier contents. Lengthier contents or sentences are always boring to read when compared to shorter contents. Shorter contents with shorter sentences allow you to read content just by scanning with your eyes.

Simplify Navigation

Unlike any other website, you can make navigation simple on your E-Commerce website. If navigation is made much simple, you will be able to display your products as per categories, lists, and other sections in your E-Commerce website. In this way, you can make your navigation easier for mobile and other device holders. Include a single menu in your website navigation, which seems to be too easy to find and click items that you are looking for! Also, you can use one or two drops down the menu to add categories in alphabetical order to make it convenient for the people to purchase items of their choice by finding them easily.


What Are Keywords? Why Are They Important?

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Do you recognize what keywords your website is presently ranking for online? Keywords are very important for each business website as they drive targeted internet traffic to your business free of charge. Once done well, using the correct keywords will skyrocket your business to sales success online.

What Are Keywords?
Keywords are the words and phrases that web users sort into the search box of a search engine, like Google, to search out what websites that match what are searching for. Some keywords get many thousands of distinctive searches each day whereas others get some of a hundred. At a similar time, some high trafficked keywords, part of SEO strategy, are very competitive online as results of several businesses try to induce referrals and traffic from users once they look for those keywords whereas others aren’t.

Let’s dive into keyword analysis. Get your analysis hat! Don’t head to Google Keyword Planner or the other keyword tool out there. You have to search for and understand the keywords better. You’re about to spend a long time with them throughout your Digital marketing strategies and blogging journey.

And it’s those keywords that you simply choose to manage and decide your success and failure. So, what are the keywords? After you say keywords, you mean ‘the search queries’ – the words people use to search out what they need.

Do you know what types of keywords are there?
There are 3 types of Keywords based on the searcher’s mentality.
1. Navigational keywords [also referred to as Go keywords]
2. Informational keywords [also referred as to know keywords] and
3. Transactional keywords [known as Do keywords]

Search for the best SEO service provider like Geeks5G and get the services at the best prices. There is an additional factor you need to understand. Do you know how many categories there are for keywords? Yup, you got it right.

There are three types.
– Short tail [also called the top keywords]
– Mid-tail [also known as the body keywords] and
– Long-tail
Let’s get aware of them quickly.

Short tail keywords:

These are the highest of the funnel – broad and generic keywords with lots of search volume. People get tempted by the massive search volumes, specialize in these keywords. Don’t you fall for it? Because ranking for these keywords goes to require a very long time and even though you rank, the traffic wouldn’t be profitable for you as they convey generic guests.

Middle tail keywords:

These are the center of the funnel – a lot of specific and fewer search volume keywords. These keywords are far better than the short-tail keywords. People are within the awareness stage of their customer journey. They will be a higher audience for your journal.

Long-tail keywords:

These are the changing end of the funnel keywords. These are extremely specific, however, with the smallest amount of search volume. At this Stage, People are in the thought process towards their customer journey. You can convert them simply if you have got the proper resolution or product.

The Bottom Line:

We are a top SEO Company offering SEO Services for all kinds of business. Now you recognize the keywords well. And you’re prepared for the deep dive. Take your time when researching keywords. Choosing the correct keywords can make your company grow faster and make more money for you.


Ways to add more visitors to your website at a low cost

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It is essential to not only focus on on-site visits but also to improve the engagement. If the website traffic is increasing but your conversion rate is on a constant decline, it is a problem. It means you are not bringing quality traffic that can benefit your business. There are several ways to improve your conversion rate. Some steps include adding a call to action button.


You can also help share the information by making navigation easy. But the first step is to attract the right traffic to your website. The objective should be to attract more volume of qualified visitors, who are most likely to become your customers.


How to drive traffic to your website?


1 Create a free Google My Business Listing


Do you know that by registering your business on Google My Business, you get 7x more visits? Well, it is a great way to improve traffic to your website. Keep in mind that constant updates help the customer to locate your site and make a purchase quickly. It is known to be better than a regular website visit.


2 On-Page SEO


There are several SEO tactics that you can use to improve the search engine ranking and get qualified visitors. This tactic includes adding high-quality content to the website and writing a proper meta description for the pages. This technique also spans writing a clean URL, etc. On-page SEO techniques are free to use, but it takes time to provide the results.


3 List your business in Online Directories


Another best method to improve traffic to your website is to get your business listed on free online directories and review sites. Most of these sites will add a link to the website, so actively participating in forums like Quora can help you to fetch qualified traffic to the website.


4 Create Back Links


A backlink is a link that passes juice from another website to your website. It not only brings qualified traffic but also places your business in front of the larger audience. In addition to that, Google heavily relies on backlinks, and it will increase the trust in your industry.


5 Share the content on social media


Social media has become one of the popular marketing tools, and it plays a vital role in attracting more traffic to your website. You can use several social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, to promote your posts effectively. With proper social media optimization, you can indulge with your social media audience and drive more traffic to the website.


6 Add hashtags in the post


Hashtags have become another popular trend to promote your blog posts. Through this method, you can spread yourself to different networks and get yourself discovered by the users. The more tags to your blog post, the more are the chances of attracting traffic to your website.


Parting thoughts


In the end, we would like to conclude that there are several other ways of improving traffic to your website, but the bottom line remains the same. You need to find out about your potential users and the reasons why they should visit your website.

How SEO services can take your business to the next level?

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Customers today live in a technologically advanced world. As indicated by Accenture, about 94% of B2B purchasers first do research online before going for a purchase. Brands that don’t step up to the plate and use and comprehend the significance of SEO will soon run behind the race. They will fail to add more importance to their business.


Numerous brands and organizations understand that they need SEO for their computerized properties, and the advantages they will get from that SEO work will be actualized. Web optimization will unquestionably improve a website’s general accessibility and perceivability, but there are ways by which it adds value also.


For what reason is SEO so significant?


When site engine optimization gets done adequately, it results in extraordinary user experience for the customer, further building their trust in the organization. The principal objective of SEO is to exhibit your incentive to the web indexes. When they know your worth, your pages will rank exceptionally for inquiries relevant to your content. The significance of SEO originates from its capacity to assist clients with discovering you effectively.


Great SEO Means a Better User Experience


Every business organization needs better rankings and the greatest perceivability for their brands. But few understand that a perfect client experience plays a significant part in reaching that stage. Google has figured out how to translate a great or negative client experience, and positive client experience is an essential component of a site’s prosperity.


It’s A Long-Term Plan


Web optimization can, and ideally does, include an observable effect within the first year of implementation, and many of those activities will have an impact that lasts more than a while. As the market advances, indeed, it’s ideal to pursue the patterns and changes intently. But even a webpage that hasn’t had a boatload of exceptional SEO suggestions implemented will improve from basic search engine optimization best practices on being utilized on a particular website with decent user experience.


Website optimization Brings New Opportunities In The Forefront.


Top-notch SEO will consistently discover methods for finding and utilizing new open doors for brands not just to be seen, but to sparkle. Offering quality SEO to brands implies engaging an SEO team in everything that is in the brand. It’s the best way to genuinely showcase a brand with the passion and understanding that the brand’s partners have for it. The better a brand is comprehended, the more opportunities will emerge to enable it to flourish.


Not on Page 1, Then You’re Not Getting Enough Click


It’s an undeniable fact in the world of SEO that in case you’re not on Page 1, you’re likely not utilizing the organic search game. An ongoing report shows that the first three search ranking positions bring about almost 40 percent of all click-through while up to 30 percent of all outcomes on Page 1 and 2 don’t get clicked by any means. What it exactly means are two things, and that is if you’re not on Page 1, you should be, as that will lead to more visitors reaching your site.


End thoughts


A full-proof, quality SEO strategy for a brand’s website and digital properties are going to be advantageous to that very brand and its advertising endeavors. It’s a “new era” of the showcasing system.


Why you should invest In Web Design?

Business success is all about first impressions and your website is the first thing people encounter after doing a search for the products or services you offer. You may think that simply having a website is already good enough; however, here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider investing in new website design.

Your web design is all that matters when it comes to your online business, responsive and attractive web design can do wonders for your sale and conversion rate. Hence, instead of just focusing on the content of your website, you have to make sure that you are upgrading the design with the passage of time too because this is also a lead generation strategy.

Your Branding is outdated.

If you’ve recently undergone a rebrand, you’ll want to update your website to reflect those changes. Keep in mind that a rebranding is not just about changing a logo or updating the website with the new company colors when updating your website, it also includes the content and language used as well as the website’s overall look and feels. You don’t want people to visit your website and think it doesn’t look or sound like your company. SEO services are also at the top of the list nowadays.

Your Business is open 24/7

If you have a physical business location or work from home, there is only a limited number of hours a day you can spend contacting with your potential clients. Having a website allows your customers to reach you after your working hours, order your merchandise, or get more information about you your business.

Increasing Scope of business

A website can take your business anywhere in the world where there is Internet connectivity. This is in contrast to the convention system of marketing where a person had to travel physically to expand the scope of business to various other locations and domains.


A good website is so appealing and buyer-oriented that the presentation is successful in converting the visitor into a buyer. If the visitor is not properly convinced about the product, its utility, or pricing the conversion is not possible. Consider SEO strategies for ranking higher in the search engines.


The website is one of the best ways to communicate with your buyers especially when you have something new to offer them. In order to not only sell the product or services but also to receive feedback on its usefulness, a website can be designed.

Ensure smooth navigation

It should be easy for your website to navigate through. Your website’s desktop version will definitely have visible links to all the important pages. However, in the mobile versions, leaving the most important menu items visible while using the hamburger menu for the rest of the links is a better approach.

To wrap it up:

Customized web design also implies less clutter and more elements for your brand that target the right audience. You can always grow your website by investing in web app development plans as your company grows, gradually adding or deleting features and controls. This gives you a greater degree of control over your web app, allowing you to work with a fluid web base that you can change as you expand. You can connect with a larger number of customers online for every cent spent on web development, helping your business to succeed. Geeks5G is a Top Website Designing Company for the Design & Development of website for your business.


Reasons to Consider a Website Redesign for your Business

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Your website is essentially the identity of your business and therefore requires your utmost attention, dedication, and investment. When you redesign your website, it can result in massive benefits for your business, although it is not as simple as it seems. Redesigning not only includes the whole makeover of the website but also small changes in functions that can help make the user experience better.

There are several reasons to redesign your website, especially when your business runs out of profit. You will start thinking about your website’s mistakes – why your website is not able to create the attention of users, you will check your layout design, and the color of your website. It’s important to understand the critical role that your website plays due to customer efforts which impact on sales and revenue. Then comes the search engine optimization with which a business can scale newer heights.

5 Excellent Business to consider a Website Redesign

Below are the reasons why your business needs to consider a website redesign.

Make a Proper Plan to Design Website

When you are embarrassed and wish to sell your website address, you will have to consider a website redesign. Hence, you will have to redesign and plan accordingly to highlight your business. A website can hurt your business if it is not designed properly. You will have to do redesigning if your website is not designed in a better way.

Lost Mobile Visitors

When your website has fewer visitors you should know that your website is not mobile-friendly. Since large numbers of people use mobile devices and access the internet. Thus, most visitors derive from mobile devices when compared to any other device. A very effective redesign of a website would definitely assist you in minimizing your bounce rate and increase conversions.

Improve your Website Security

Due to the lack of website security, small businesses would suffer very badly. Hacking is also possible due to viruses. If you don’t update your website with the latest cybersecurity, you will have to suffer from higher risks for malware and hacking. In order to manage your online business efficiently, you can consider a website redesign.

Optimize Website for Search Engines

Probably, you might have built your website using dynamic templates and assist you to improve your website architecture to make it SEO friendly. A website redesign improves your coding and turns your website to a more SEO friendly system where you can find a more advanced Content Management System which gives you greater flexibility and optimize your website easier.

Outdated Website Technology

An outdated website is nothing but not using or not updating the website for a longer period. You will have to check — what all tools you have used in developing your website. If you have used flash, it may become difficult to execute your website using plugins. This will give a better user experience for everyone when you update or redesign your website with the latest technologies or plugins.

Final thoughts:

Do not hesitate to make changes on your website even if it means investing a lot of money because the outcome is going to be enormous. To improve functionality, update tools, or get a new design from scratch, you can redesign your website. Because they want to stay fresh and give customers something new, many companies redesign their websites.


How to improve your SEO for E-Commerce?

search engine optimization

E-Commerce SEO has provided higher rankings and conversion rates which creates the

attention of several people across the internet. This store exists on the web,

where you will have to optimize the store for the sake of search engines.

These search engines usually send some targeted visitors to your website. It helps to

improve your E-Commerce SEO.

Why SEO For Ecommerce Matters

What do consumers do when they need a product or service? Many perform Google searches. They’re looking for options, tips, comparisons, and other information to help them make informed decisions. If your website doesn’t appear in the SERPs, you lose critical access to qualified and interested eCommerce customers. Your products might have a space on the web, but are they findable? That’s where eCommerce SEO comes in. It provides you with a way to reach your target audience without paying for ads. Once you get people to your site, you can delight them with your high-quality products, intriguing copy, and motivating calls to action. If you only optimize your website for people, you do your company a disservice. SEO for eCommerce addresses the first hurdle to acquiring new customers: getting people to your site.

Important Links

Make a list of places from where your competitors get their inbound links. Linking

is very important, but it is essential to link to other websites and get linked

from relevant websites. Once you have that list of places, you can also link to

such websites. Check out websites and see if a website has a high spam score.

If you find any high spam scores, delete those sites from your list, as these

spammers will not make your eCommerce store look good with regards to SERPs.

While search engines will reveal which all websites are linking to you. So, be

aware and choose links wisely.

Research Competitors

Keywords Research is the best factor that assists you to analyze excellent strategies

your competitors are using. When you think about your competitors, you will

have to go through their business and check how they are promoting their

businesses online. If you read their blog and go through their website

contents, you will be able to understand what exactly their products are, and

how exactly they are offering their services. Knowing this, you will improve

your eCommerce search engine optimization.

Site Navigation

Study navigation of these competing sites and place your products page, as well as

categories and descriptions. These important elements assist in sorting out

flaws in your store. See to that, navigation is easy and smooth removing all

complexities. You can understand about easy navigation by studying your

competitors closely. Just begin searching the biggest companies in your sphere,

and how they have organized their website properly. If you have any idea,

simply organize your website to make it look different.

Main Keywords

First, check your competitors’ keywords on what they are focusing on to get ranking.

You will have to check domain authority and know if their pages have high

domain authority or lower than yours. When you look at keyword gaps between

your website and your competitors’ website, just consider keywords with high

search volume and lower competition. These keywords will be much easier to get,

than keywords with much higher difficulty.


Follow these simple hacks and bring your Local Business up by Local SEO Listings

Local SEO

Optimizing the local search engine, or in other words, local SEO is very important for every brand to grow and maintain its business because it helps to attract a lot of nearby customers using Google Business listings.

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is a productive way to market your business online. It supports small-medium-large all kinds of businesses to promote their products and services to local customers and saving a lot of time for the users. Local search is used daily by millions of customers to find the most effective local brands in their region. With proper Local SEO, you can increase your chances of getting searched by these targeted customers through the local Google business directory. It is, in a way, a targeted online marketing technique. It lets your website to conduct your business on its own on search engines and other digital marketing networks.

How to do local SEO?

Some best practices exist for Google business listings to rank high in competition in local areas.

Optimize Title and Meta Description Tags

Every page on your website should have a unique title, Meta Description, and Meta tags. It specifically conveys the search engines regarding the content of your pages. These are the products that search engines see and use to tweak the data of your company into the results of search engines. You can even understand what your competitors are using in their Title and Description Tags. This can assist you to get effective concepts.

Include Clear Calls to Action

Do you want more and more people to go to your website? For this, make sure that your contact number is clearly and prominently displayed with clear CTA. There should be a simple way to contact you. Guide the user and use CTAs to inform them what to do next (Make a contact, request a demo, etc.).

Include Reviews & Testimonials

Showing your website reviews can help you boost conversions. It provides users an assurance in your service. Individuals often search for reviews before shopping, analyze the reviews of products given by previous clients, and take a final decision on the basis of positive responses and stars. When users visit your website, both your conversion rates and metrics will be greatly improved.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Mobile-friendly websites are more focused on the latest Google updates. Nowadays most of the users use mobiles, smartphones, or tablets to search out the most effective local businesses, therefore Google will also check the mobile-friendliness of your website before showing it to potential customers. The number of mobile users continuously getting higher compared to desktop users. Local SEO encompasses both desktop and mobile web users that a potential client should never miss out on.

Boost Inbound Local Links

Website links play a very significant role because they are seen by Google as an indication of popularity and power. If you have a lot of incoming links, it means that your website has some reliable sources. This will provide a higher position than others.

Create a positive and communicative discussion with your audience by providing trustworthy info. It helps you to create the trust of others. As appropriate, you should continuously try to build links. Consider link building ways like guest blogging, giving links to high-authority sites, and serving as a source of articles that will link them to your website. Additionally, linking to high-authority websites includes a positive impression on local SEO.

The final words:

Now is the time for you to take advantage of local search engine optimization and boost your business before your competitors perceive it. All local businesses, from florists and builders to plumbers and accountants, will improve their business coverage and gain profit through local SEO.