7 Steps to Strengthen Your E-Commerce Website’s Google Ranking

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The average CTR for the top-ranking website in Google’s organic results is 31.7 percent. A page in position 10 is ten times more likely to be clicked than the top organic result. These figures demonstrate the significance and benefits of ranking first in Google’s search results. As an e-commerce business owner, your sales will skyrocket if your website is ranked first. But how are you going to get there? Well, search engine optimization (SEO) is the key. Geeks5g, one of the top SEO Services Company in Miami, Florida provides a huge range of digital marketing services.


You may not realize it, but SEO has the highest return on investment of any e-commerce marketing strategy. Regrettably, most online stores are launched into the market with little or no regard for search engines. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs rely on paid ads and social media. All of these things are fantastic, but they necessitate consistent effort and a source of income. Whether you are looking for Search Engine Optimization in Miami or Social media Optimisation services, Geeks5g has got you covered!

  1. Comprehensive keyword research

The first and most important step in search engine optimization is keyword research. You might end up in one of the scenarios below if you don’t get the keywords right. You’ll go after keywords that are too difficult to rank for, and you may not even make it to page one.

  1. Optimal website architecture

After you’ve chosen the best keywords for your e-commerce store, it’s time to put them to work. This is where the architecture of your website comes into play. It refers to your online store’s navigation, product pages, and category pages, among other things.

  1. On-page SEO strategy for e-commerce sites

While link building (also known as off-page optimization) is important, on-page optimization is also crucial. It refers to all of the activities that take place on your website or web pages in order to improve your ranking.

  1. Testing is a must

It’s critical to run a few tests and finalize your SEO strategies once you’ve completed on-page SEO optimization. You’ll need to use analytics to figure out which keywords are converting well.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is the most effective way to boost your online store’s search engine optimization. Content marketing increases not only traffic to your e-commerce site, but also sales. It also makes it simple to build links to your website and raise your domain authority.

  1. Link building

You’ve made it to the next most important aspect of SEO, link building. The two most important factors used by Google to rank web pages are content and links. You should be aware that backlinks from other websites (with high-domain authority) can help you rank higher than any other strategy.

  1. Tips for local business

This step may or may not be applicable to everyone. Local SEO can help you get more local site traffic if you have a physical store.

Google’s first page receives a whopping 71% of all search traffic clicks. Many studies have reported it to be as high as 92 percent in recent years. Do you want to get as much traffic as possible with a high conversion rate? If yes, then get SEO services from Geeks5g.

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