4 Amazing Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

You want as many people as possible to see your business promotion. Facebook’s 1.6 billion users worldwide make it a great platform for getting your business in front of more people. Additionally, while Facebook is helpful on its own, advertising on Facebook allows you to reach even more potential customers.

Your unique business needs can be met by Facebook advertising, no matter what type of business you run. You can choose from a variety of Facebook ads and a number of ad objectives depending on your product and business objectives.

We will explore 4 of the most compelling benefits of Facebook advertising for small businesses today.

Let’s get going!

  1. Advertising on Facebook drives engagement for your business

As a consequence of Facebook advertising, your business can gain more engagement on the platform, which can eventually lead to more sales.

Facebook users can engage with your posts, whether they like, share, or comment, when you post pictures, blog post links, or status updates. As soon as they’ve engaged with your business, they’re aware of you, as well as interested, which is a good way to start converting prospects.

  1. Boosted posts work with Facebook ads

As time passes, posts become buried under more appropriate or timely posts (and users’ friends and family are given priority in their News Feeds). A unique feature of the Facebook platform is the ability to link organic and paid posts through boosted posts.

Facebook allows you to take an organic piece, place just a few dollars behind it and promote it, unlike Google search, where SEO and PPC efforts must be run separately. With Facebook advertising, you can boost posts to let your content be seen by a wider audience.

By boosting your posts on Facebook, you can increase your reach, expand your audience, and increase awareness for your brand.

  1. Use Facebook ads to increase your page likes

Getting more likes on your Facebook business page is another advantage of Facebook ads. The organic posts that you make on Facebook can be seen in a person’s News Feed when they like your Facebook page. As a result, while likes on posts help with engagement and reach, likes on your page should be the core of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Through Like Campaigns, you can get more likes to your Facebook page. In these ads, “Like Page” is used as a call-to-action (CTA).

  1. Facebook ads run on Instagram, too

You can run ads on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, or you can run them only on Instagram. Because Facebook owns Instagram, you can run your Facebook ads on Instagram as well. You can use this two-in-one platform interaction to reach out to potential customers who may not be active on Facebook but are active on Instagram. With Facebook ads, you can reach two markets (Facebook and Instagram) at once!

Don’t limit your audience to those who know, like, or interact with your page. With age, gender, interests, job titles, and location, there’s a whole world of targeting options available. Furthermore, you can also create custom audiences based on those most likely to be your customers.

At Geeks5G, our goal is to increase your social media engagement and broaden your client base by using the best images, content and targeting the right audiences for lead generation, among various other benefits.

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